The story of how it all began...

The vision that is gangster park

Bonnie & Clyde's Gangster Park was established in 2010. It started as a wooded 20 acre parcel Rick purchased to build a storage shed. But Rick had a vision to build something much more...Always having a love for all things Sturgis-the atmosphere, the excitement, the people. 

The story continues...

Rick has been building, expanding and improving the park ever since. The park has become a premier venue for events including motorcycle rallies, car shows, live music nights and even available to host private events. Rick was just getting into old cars, so along with his love for Harleys and people in general, creating Gangster Park came naturally. But what to name the place?

The Wisconsin Northwoods is known for being a regular stomping ground for gangster's in the 1930's. Rick had a love for the begone era and thought of Bonnie & Clyde the notorious gangster couple. Rick and Clyde both had an affinity for "the Blue Oval" cars (Ford). Although Rick says he isn't fond of what Bonnie Clyde did in their life, he can't help but be attracted to everything about that time...the idea of gangsters, the way they dressed, the beautiful cars, the gas station memorabilia. So, Bonnie & Clyde Gangster Park LLC was the perfect name.

Rick likes to have fun and involve his friends and the public in events at the park. So in 2019 he held a contest to name the 2 event stages at the park. Outlaw Stage and Breakin' the Law Stage.

Every year there are new additions to Gangster Park. Gangster Park is truly a one-of-a-kind place. It's a unique venue full of interesting oddities, a first class museum, event stages, vintage style shelters and an atmosphere that screams fun. Because, after all, when you are at the park...what should you do? "MAKE NOISE"!!!

In 2019 Gangster Park was granted a liquor license enabling more fun summer events to be added to the schedule. The park is not a "for profit" venture. Bonnie (Nancy) and Clyde (Rick) just love to see people getting together enjoying themselves. The smiles on everyone's face is what fuels this dream.

Gangster Park is known for hosting high-end bands at a large expense. Sponsorships and admission usually offset this cost. As the park holds more and more special events we hope to have more people experience this special place.

Rick is in the lumber business. At 60 years young, the park is his playground - keeping him young at heart. He is thankful for every visitor that comes to the park. And people say he is a great host. You are most welcome to join us at Gangster Park at one of our events - you're sure to have a memorable experience.

A special THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, friends, sponsors, Lion's Club and Lakewood Times for your support of Bonnie & Clyde's Gangster Park.

Come Feel the Noise!

- Clyde